BluePlay Remote Control is a specialized remote control app for media that allows you to control Windows Media Player over Bluetooth. You will be able to play/pause/change volume/change media/and much more from a distance.

Functions included:
Slow Speed/Fast Speed,
Change windows size (full screen), open media, access library and player modes, search through media, add to playlist, restart video, shuffle on/off, repeat on/off, focus on player, subtitles, mute, and send custom text.

A client program has to be installed on the client device (Desktop or laptop), it can be downloaded from the link below.
(Note that it needs .Net Framework v3.5, which will be downloaded if it wasn't already installed on your device)

Extract the files and run setup. The client program will run right after the installation, and can be run again from the Start Menu.

Please note that this application is free and hence it contains Push Notifications and adds homescreen icon shortcuts in order to support the developer. The push notifications can be disabled from the system settings.

Contact e-mail:
Size : 419.138 Kb
Type : zip

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